Let The Bubble Hockey Game Review Remind You Of Your Childhood!

bubble hockey game

We all know the classic Bubble Hockey Game – you do not need to be a big fan of hockey or other ice sports to love this amazing game that you can play with your entire family! No matter if you want to buy one of these games to relax and let off some steam with your friends or relatives, or if you own a small business (such as a bar) and you want to keep your customers entertained, the Bubble Hockey Game is definitely a great choice.

This is a coin-operated game that has been taking over the world, and that comes with a rather affordable price. There are tens of other similar games on the market, games that are not even close to the quality of the Bubble Hockey Game, but if you want to get the real deal, then look no further for this game is built with materials of the highest quality, it is durable and reliable and will definitely appeal to everybody’s taste.

The Bubble Hockey Game is super fun, entertaining, addictive and it also features highly realistic sounds and live action. The game comes with an electronic board that allows you to keep track of the store, and the bubble hockey table itself is very easy to transport and install. Specifically designed for rinks, arcades as well as sports bars from all over the world, this dome hockey game is great to have around whenever you have some extra time to spare! Besides the readily available commercial version of the store, there is also a Deluxe Home edition of the game that should not be neglected either – this is great for large families, as users can easily take turns so that everybody can enjoy the benefits of hockey.

Featuring a sturdy and durable construction as well as a sleek and elegant brushed aluminum encasing, the Bubble Hockey Game is made with a great attention to detail and it promises never to disappoint. These games have been around for decades, and they are still as popular as they were the day they were released onto the market. If you take good care of them and maintain them properly, these games can last for tens of years without showing any signs of damage or decay.

Why Should You Get Your Own Bubble Hockey Game?

The most obvious reason is because it is fun! However, besides this, it is also important to mention that users will get high-quality, real-time customer support whenever needed, should they encounter any problem with the Bubble Hockey Game and they require professional assistance. The game is easy to transport and it can easily serve just about any purpose – some people have their own game room at home, in their basement, while some business owners even have designed a break room that allows employees to relax during the lunch break, thus helping them be more productive than ever before.

Regardless of where you will be using your Bubble Hockey Game, one thing is for sure: it can quickly become your next best friend! However, it is essential to focus on table hockey, rod and dome hockey brands that only offer the real deal and that use genuine materials and state of the art machines to manufacture these awesome games, as this is the only way to get the best value for your money.

Another reason why you should get your Bubble Hockey Game today is because this is the only officially licensed dome hockey game of the USA and Canada hockey teams, as well as of the American Hockey League and, most importantly, the National Hockey League! You can rest assured, knowing that you have a genuine, authentic piece at home that will, most likely, worth two or three times its current value over the years. Besides, there are 30 different hockey teams that you can choose from, from the New York Islanders and the Vancouver Canucks to the Calgary Flames, the Colorado Avalanche as well as the Binghamton Semators. All you have to do is to pick the hockey team that appeals to you the most and to get the game started!

This dome hockey game as we see it today was firstly introduced back in 1982, being one of the first coin operated arcade games of its kind in the world. Slowly after that, it became extremely popular not only amongst sports and hockey fans, but amongst everywhere! Suitable for children, teenagers and adults, this seems to be a timeless arcade classic game that has evolved tremendously over the past thirty years, yet that has managed to preserve its unique spirit!

This game has become, slowly but surely, the norm for most pubs and sports bars – and for a good reason, as the game is very entertaining and catchy! The Super Chexx Bubble Hockey game is known by many different names all over the world, from Stick Hockey and Dome Hockey to Table or Rod Hockey, and regardless of how you like to call it, this game has made history and it will certainly continue to do so, for years to come!

What Are The Benefits Of The Bubble Hockey Game?

As many Bubble Hockey reviews online claim, the Bubble Hockey Game for sale comes with several important advantages that will benefit the entire family. Here is an overview of some of the most important ones:

  • As mentioned earlier, the Bubble Hockey Game features a very sturdy construction, and it is the result of a team effort that included skilled designs and engineers who wanted to come up with the perfect arcade game;
  • The game is made with parts of the highest quality – in other words, it is safe to say that the Bubble Hockey Game is truly made to last over the years. All you need to do is to dust it regularly!
  • This is basically the newer and improved version of the traditional Super Chexx that came with a classic and thick plastic base. The modern version features live, hyper-realistic sounds, along with a shot clock, an electronic scoreboard and state of the art engineering systems. Everything, for your comfort and entertainment!
  • The game comes with a 12-month limited home warranty, along with free tech support for life. Any parts of the game can be replaced without any problems, should they ever break down or start to malfunction!